Sedudo Waterfall; history site of majapahit empire

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Sedudo Waterfall is a waterfall and tourist attraction located in the Village District Ngliman Sawahan, Nganjuk, East Java. The distance is about 30 km south of the capital district Nganjuk. Located at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level, the height of the waterfall is approximately 105 meters. This scene has a fairly good facilities, and transportation routes are easily accessible. Local people still believe, this waterfall has a supernatural power. This site visited natural attractions in Sura (Javanese calendar). It is said that there is a myth since the time of Majapahit, the moon is believed to bring blessing to the young people who bathe in this waterfall. Every New Year's Java, waterfalls Sedudo used for ritual, ceremonial baths in PARNA Prahista statue, which was then fixed dipercikan water for the family to inherit the blessings of salvation and eternal youth.Until now, local governments routinely implement Nganjuk Sedudo bathing ritual every year at 1st Suro

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